Sunday, June 15, 2008

O Ultimo Momento (peut-être)

Thanks to Nicholas Snow for inviting me to this event. It is very good to have a member of the press as a friend.

It is very nice to tell my co-workers the following morning that I saw a pole-dancing performance last night but then Ultimo Momento's "Peut-etre" is more than that.

But I have to say something about the venue first. This event was held at at the Aksra Theater inside the King Power Complex (near the Victory Monument station of the BTS). The building is beautiful inside and outside. The short spherical architecture stands out even if the rest of Bangkok is full of skyscrapers. Nicholas and I headed straight to the Aksra Theater, a medium-sized venue that is lavishly decorated with puppets and engraving of Thai dances. It was a good prelude to the performance that followed.

João Paulo P. Dos Santos is the pole acrobat and Guillaume Dutrieux is the musician. The performance has three parts and it utilizes lights, video, a type of video camera that I have not seen yet, live music and recorded music. There are tons of people and groups doing pole performances now and when it comes to flexibility, João is inferior but when it comes to strength, timing and risk-taking, he may be the best. Several times, he would make a very fast descent from highest part of the pole and control the speed with his arms or legs. Being gay, I cannot help but admire his massive chest. I am not a musician so I cannot say much about Guillaume's part but his presence is not that commanding compared to Joao's. It is ruthless to say but João can actually do away with Guillaume.

The design of the whole piece is well thought out. It utilizes probably everything that the artists can do without overpowering one another. Although one is more interesting to watch, as a collaboration, the impression they give is effective. I am glad that it is not longer than 45 minutes though because I was starting to drift off.

Now I wonder whether João has a gay profile.

Videos can be watched on this website

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