Monday, June 2, 2008

Missing Gay Profiles

Last November, I took down all of my gay profiles. I still have my accounts on Friendster, MySpace and Facebook active but gay men do not prowl among their pages to look for their next prey.

At that time, I thought I did not need my gay profiles anymore. I wanted to avoid anonymous sexual encounters. I did not want to be celibate but if ever I meet someone, it would have to be in a bar or somewhere public. At the same time, I did not want to think of one date after another one.

Lately, it has been difficult to find a date. Without my gay profiles, people would just think that I am a random money boy in Bangkok. Back in my teens, I was not really that fond of pornography so xtube is starting to bore me.

I am tempted everyday to revive my gay profile on It used to give me a lot of reliable hook ups. I am not sure if I want to give in the temptation.

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