Friday, June 6, 2008

Apocalypto (DVD)

Mel Gibson thinks that we are stupid. He gets a pig to sound like a tapir. And he thinks he can put an extinct civilization on the big screen without a proper research.

I think Mel Gibson has too much money and too much time in his hands to make ambitious concepts look like shit. Why does he use a language that is not popular? Answer: people won't notice how badly written it truly is and it is cool to have subtitles in each and every movie that he makes.

The movie may be historically and biologically incorrect but there are some great points. Mel Gibson was lucky to get some very good actors and extras. They all look great on screen. The cinematographer is a genius. He has done some breathtaking shots indoors (like the one in the cave) and outdoors (like the waterfall scene). The makeup and visual effects are all convincing. And everything looks pristine on DVD.

The commentary track is very insulting to the work of many people. Mel Gibson does not remember the names of his stunt people. He also laughs inappropriately in scenes of carnage. Maybe, he gets hard looking at violence.

By the way, the butts of many of the actors look amazing.

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