Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Full Monty (DVD)

I bought the DVD some months ago because it was extremely cheap (less than 100 Thai Baht) and now I know why. It is hard for the DVD player and DVD drive in my computer to read chapter 7 of the DVD. Quick suggestion: do not buy the original DVD of this movie in Thailand.

There were no extras as it was only a barebones DVD as I expected. The audio and video were OK. It was not really very clean but for that price, why should I complain? But then it says on the cover that it is a dual layer disc but the entire data is only 4.1 GB. It is a single layer disc!!!

Some of the actors in this movie are quite popular now. Robert Carlyle looks a lot younger but he is obviously very talented as a struggling parent. Mark Addy looks very handsome here actually. He is not as chubby here as he is now.

If I publish this review then that means I had nothing else to write about.

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