Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jogging and big birds

Steven and I are trying to lose weight so we will look fabulous when my family see us in December. Marriage has made us too familiar with each other that looking good has already taken a back seat.

We have returned to the water since the days are becoming warmer and warmer. I have complained about the winter for so long and I am very happy that we have more time to do more things. Swimming no longer stings.

We have been jogging as well. Because of the heavy amount of rained we received last season, the parklands are all green and decorated by red, orange and yellow flowers. We are surrounded by perfumed air as the blooms try to attract the insects and the birds.
And speaking of birds, parklands have exploded with them. Magpies are feeding their young. Ducks and black swans are marching with their young ones. Sulphur-crested cockatoos seem to be heckling each other.

I am not sure if these animals are helping me though because I tend to stop jogging and just gawk at them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One week in Canberra

Steven and I have had very fond memories of Canberra since our first visit. I came to this city a couple of years ago and his first visit was five years ago. We vowed to spend several hours in its museums.
We went to the old and new parliament building. Although these places are not really that old, one would feel the significance of these buildings.
The National Museum was a treat for me because it is one of the few places one would learn more about the aboriginals, especially before the arrival of the British. I watched a video of how a goanna is gutted and cooked. I might want to try that if given a chance.
The War Memorial is huge so we spent almost the whole day in it. There were old exhibits and some new ones. The new ones showcase computer animation and very high tech sound systems. I really think this museum should be visited every couple of years.

It was spring so the weather was warm enough to enjoy the flower festival called The Floriade. The layout was a bit confusing but the flowers were really beautiful. We also visited the Botanic Garden where we spent some time flirting joking around.
Finally, we also visited some radio telescopes. I felt compelled to do a Jodi Foster and look for Adolf Hitler on the computer monitor.
I was surprised to like the long road trips but then that wouldn't have been the case if Steven weren't very good company. I can't wait for our next one.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

15 hours to Canberra part 3

More than 10 hours had past and we still had lots of energy. I think it was the anticipation of exciting things to happen during the week. We had friends to see and tons of places to visit. Most of all, we had to see if Canberra is a liveable city for us.

In Narrandera, we stopped for lunch. We were the only customer in an Asian restaurant so it was really eerie. After having sweet and sour pork and beef in black bean sauce, the Caucasian attendant warned us of racism happening in the area. But what surprised me was it was against non-Aboriginals. She said that the whole town was ruled by them and one didn't stand his ground, the Aboriginals would abuse this person.
Of course, it was only one person's opinion. We did bumped into many Aboriginals but we were just ignored.

And so we arrived at Peter's place a few minutes past 6 PM. I felt really happy to spend so many hours in an enclosed space with Steven. Now I can't wait to go back to Adelaide to spend another 15 hours with him.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

15 hours to Canberra part 2

I spent most of the dark hours watching Filipino news and The Amazing Race Asia. It set me up in the mood for travelling. Then we saw the sun slowly creeping in the horizon. Steven was surprisingly alert still.

We stopped a few times for breakfast and for a stretch. We saw a few cars driving from South Australia as well. In Mildura, Victoria (a remote city), the McDonald's attendant had a difficult time understanding me. I think it was not my accent because I pointed at the food that I wanted. I think it was shocking for her to be serving a foreigner.

Plants have changed. We came from a state with tons of yellow Canolas but on the way, the paddocks were painted with purple Salvation Janes.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

15 hours to Canberra part 1

Steven and I have been planning on visiting our friends and the museums in Canberra for quite a while. And we finally made it!

We synchronised our schedules. It was a long weekend and it was also in the middle of a school break.

We made lists of the things that we are going to bring but as you can see on this video (0:45), I left my laptop bag because I was busy documenting this trip. That meant no toothbrushes, no toothpaste, no floss, no contact lens, no hard disk (for my entertainment needs) and no ear phones.

You have to forgive me though as it is my first long road trip.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Philippines vs. the Catholic Church

Yesterday, Carlos Celdran (a popular tour guide in the Philippines) was arrested in a church. He shouted at the priest to stop meddling in politics while he held a placard with "Damaso" written on it.

Padre Damaso is a character in a Filipino novel and he is known for being a deceitful man of Church. He has always been a symbol of the broken religious organization.

Probably, Carlos did this stunt to support the Philippine president's stance on artificial contraceptives. President Noynoy has made it public that condoms, IUDs, pills and injectable contraceptives will be available to the poor Filipinos. As a result, the Catholic Church is threatening to excommunicate him.

But do we the Filipinos care that our president or us will be excommunicated?


This is the beginning of our realization that the church is not infallible and that it exists because of sex and greed. We are realizing that they are at fault that we are poor right now. We are realizing that our beloved country cannot support our humongous population.

There will be more protests like David's. There will be one more Filipino with one more placard. There will be one less contribution during mass.

And there will be more.