Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One week in Canberra

Steven and I have had very fond memories of Canberra since our first visit. I came to this city a couple of years ago and his first visit was five years ago. We vowed to spend several hours in its museums.
We went to the old and new parliament building. Although these places are not really that old, one would feel the significance of these buildings.
The National Museum was a treat for me because it is one of the few places one would learn more about the aboriginals, especially before the arrival of the British. I watched a video of how a goanna is gutted and cooked. I might want to try that if given a chance.
The War Memorial is huge so we spent almost the whole day in it. There were old exhibits and some new ones. The new ones showcase computer animation and very high tech sound systems. I really think this museum should be visited every couple of years.

It was spring so the weather was warm enough to enjoy the flower festival called The Floriade. The layout was a bit confusing but the flowers were really beautiful. We also visited the Botanic Garden where we spent some time flirting joking around.
Finally, we also visited some radio telescopes. I felt compelled to do a Jodi Foster and look for Adolf Hitler on the computer monitor.
I was surprised to like the long road trips but then that wouldn't have been the case if Steven weren't very good company. I can't wait for our next one.

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