Friday, October 1, 2010

The Philippines vs. the Catholic Church

Yesterday, Carlos Celdran (a popular tour guide in the Philippines) was arrested in a church. He shouted at the priest to stop meddling in politics while he held a placard with "Damaso" written on it.

Padre Damaso is a character in a Filipino novel and he is known for being a deceitful man of Church. He has always been a symbol of the broken religious organization.

Probably, Carlos did this stunt to support the Philippine president's stance on artificial contraceptives. President Noynoy has made it public that condoms, IUDs, pills and injectable contraceptives will be available to the poor Filipinos. As a result, the Catholic Church is threatening to excommunicate him.

But do we the Filipinos care that our president or us will be excommunicated?


This is the beginning of our realization that the church is not infallible and that it exists because of sex and greed. We are realizing that they are at fault that we are poor right now. We are realizing that our beloved country cannot support our humongous population.

There will be more protests like David's. There will be one more Filipino with one more placard. There will be one less contribution during mass.

And there will be more.

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Kerry said...

The Catholic Church meddles in politics in Adelaide too.
Monsignor David Cappo is paid by the taxpayer to work for the Rann Government.
Cappo is a Catholic priest and yet is a partisan in state politics.
We used to follow the principle of separation of powers between Church and State. Not under Rann though.