Saturday, December 1, 2012

First House Stage Two

Christmas break is just around the corner so Steven and I have been frantic meeting suppliers for the construction of our house. Both of us have full time jobs so sometimes we rush from work to a meeting. We do not even have the same schedule so all of our meetings so far are done without the other.

We are lucky that we started this voyage looking for an already-constructed house so we were able to see designs and colour choices that we both love. After seeing dozens of houses, we settled for a fairly black & white color palette both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to mobile technology, we are able to take the photos to shops and use these are references.

We may not be together in meeting these suppliers but it is a breeze deciding what materials we want to have. So far, we have been fairly fast in approving plans.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that construction will begin really soon.
The photo above contains the black brick and roofing material that are going to be used. It does not look appealing right now but I know we will have the gayest house in our neighborhood.