Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Frost Photos

These photos were taken in the same morning as the videos. I was wearing thick gloves so it was a bit difficult operating the camera. The ground was freezing so I could not really go down and look at the view finder. Most of these shots are just pure luck. It has been a couple of days and it is only this morning (while I was editing) that I discovered that I actually took a photo of a frozen fly. That is the fly in the last photo.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Farm, Fog, Frost and a Fluffy Face

(I had to wake up early to film these scenes. Hence, my face was still swollen in the videos--just ignore it!)

Steven drove for three hours to Pinnaroo to attend a good friend's birthday dinner. This town has around 500 inhabitants so everyone know each other and not much really happens there. It is very interesting to be there though--one could hear a pin drop right in the middle of town. Most of the inhabitants are Caucasians with a few Asian and European backpackers.

We had to drive through fog in the night and Steven is not used to it so I had to stay awake during the drive as well. We saw lots of rabbits, mice, foxes and a few kangaroos. We did not run over anything except for the mice--which are considered pests anyway. It was eerie to be in a fast-moving vehicle with limited vision.

The place we stayed in is Steven's grandparent's old farmhouse. It is a place where a TV can barely get any channel and cellphone signals are non-existent. The quilt we brought from Adelaide was barely enough to keep us warm.

I woke up early to behold something magical--frost. My fingers were numb but I could not help myself from taking photos of the ice on plants, rubber hose and wood planks. The poisonous paddy melons look more inviting as they felt deliciously chilled. The sheep were crying in the paddocks and I wanted to run towards them but I am afraid of being approached by the rams.

I am definitely going back there.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Invading Moonta Bay

It is getting colder and colder in Adelaide but this won't stop me from enjoying the outdoors. It was a long weekend and Steven and I went to Moonta Bay.

We walked along the beach all rugged up. I was wearing a beanie that hid most of my face. I wish I could see without covering my eyes as well. I had gloves on and yet the cold permeated through. I also wished I had put on my thermal pants before we left Adelaide.

Instead of looking around, I looked down and photographed these tiny sea snails. I had my elbows down on the sand and volcanic rocks while taking advantage of the low tide.

We tried catching fish and squid for hours. We were very unsuccessful because a dolphin was lurking around the beach. I was not able to see it but I could hear its spout. I wondered how dolphin meat would taste like with hot chips.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Too Cold to Write

I wake up at 6 AM to cook lunch and dinner. My cheeks ache because the touch of frost permeates through our walls. I walk towards the train station and my legs feel like lead as people do not wrap their legs with a jacket.

The sky remains dark the whole day and it gives you the impression that it is always 5 o' clock. I know that we need rain but it feels sadder when it does.

But Steven and I are planning a few exciting trips soon. These are some things to think about when it is so dreary.