Monday, November 21, 2011

A 6-hour hike

Waterfall Gully in South Australia is a popular work out place for fitness buffs because of its challenging trails. These trails are very steep and one of them leads to the Mount Lofty Summit--a 4-kilometer steep hike.

The trail is sometimes slippery and narrow. It can also be very crowded with people running downhill as it is easier for the legs.
But instead of taking the old path, we decided on walking an extra 5 kilometers to the Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens. It was crazy but I think it made our walk more exciting. We saw a bandicoot, skinks and a few black cockatoos. We also walked amongst butterflies!
Then we reached the botanic garden but  Steven was already exhausted. Instead of roaming around for two hours, we just settled for a one-hour tour of the place. I was very hesitant to leave the greenery and the ducks.

And down we went back to the car park. By then, we had walked around 24 kilometers, consumed 4 liters of water and sucked on half a dozen of Kopikos. And we forgot to put on sun cream so we were both burnt.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

SBS' Immigration Nation

When I was a teenager in the Philippines, I looked at the globe and found Australia. I wondered how can this country be so far from Europe and be locked by the South Pole and Asian countries but it remained very white.
Now I know the answer.
In 2010, the Australian government channel produced "Immigration Nation", a documentary on the White Australia Policy. It showed its origins, its numerous victims and its downfall. The series is divided into three 60-minute episodes that contain TV broadcasts, posters, photographs, home videos and interviews of historians and various migrants. All of which are narrated chronologically.
What struck me the most is the constant dread that Australia had against Asians. The government separated families and deported non-white children to countries they are not familiar with. But in less than a lifetime, the country transformed from a very inclusive and racially homogenous society to a culturally and racially diverse one.
The Immigration Nation is something that all Australians should watch as it explains some of the ideologies that still exist in present Australian politics. It is also significant educational material for countries that are also made up of immigrants from around the world.
Go to the SBS website to watch all the episodes. It is also available on Youtube by searching "SBS Immigration Nation". Or you can just watch the hilarious TV ad here.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

3rd year anniversary

It is hard to write about my relationship with Steven without writing about my stay in Australia because he is the primary reason why I am here. My stay here is based on my ongoing relationship with him.
As I learn about him, I learn about this country. Through his eyes, I have discovered the countryside and the wildlife. Whenever I talk about Australia, I also cannot help but talk about him.
My life with Steven is not perfect but I feel like it is. We do not have fancy weekends but I always look forward to them while I am at work. We do not have a house but our small apartment feels like a home. We do not have a lot of money but I feel like a million dollars whenever he looks at me.
Here is a photo that I have taken of us on Mengler Hill. After much playing around, he managed to keep a straight face and this is the result.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Taken at Aldinga Beach again. You can always click on the photos on this page to view the better-quality versions.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

American Horror Story's Jamie Brewer

I was encouraged by a friend to start watching this TV series. I admit the first episode made me really excited because of the nudity. But there is a scene stealer.

She is a very little-known actress named Jamie Brewer. Incidentally, her chracter's name is Adelaide and she seems to know a lot about the haunted house in the series. She pops up in dark corners and witnesses many gruesome events. Viewers do not know yet if she is merely a witness or a participant in numerous murders.

It is very surprising that she can actually compete with Jessica Conroy (the neurotic mother in "Six Feet Under") and veteran film actress Jessica Lange. I really hope we see more of her on this series and other shows.