Monday, September 29, 2008

Dexter is like a girl

I have a huge crush on an internet porn star Chris Geary because he is hot and perverted in his videos. He also plays with ordinary-looking blokes so I am hoping that I will be one of them in
the future.

I predicted that he would be in the 2008 Sydney Mardi Gras and he did not disappoint me. I saw him and his Filipino partner Erick De Chavez wearing bikinis and tiny shirts.

This is a fuzzy video of him walking on the street but that is not the reason why I posted this video. Make sure you have your audio on though.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Desperate Housewives Season 3 (TV)

Again, I am amazed at how well-written this TV series is. The storie makes me think that nothing in life is really constant. The ones who are up eventually goes down. And the ones who are lost are found.

I have been forgetting to mention in the past reviews about the excessive use of plastic and botox in this TV series. What's wrong with Teri Hatcher's eyes? It seems she cannot open them properly. Nicollette's boobs are always higher than her own shoulders.

There are two episodes in this TV series that went out of its traditional formula. One of them is "Bang", the supermarket hostage. It was extremely tense and dramatic. It makes me realize how life can change in one instant.

There are a couple of funny incidents in the film: one of them is Marcia's pregnancy. They hid her tummy with the TV, tables, layers of blankets and also used a few body doubles. James Denton is also terribly thin in this season. I wonder what happened to him.

Some performances of the supporting cast should be mentioned. Kathryn Joosten as Karen McCluskey is adorable. She can be funny and very sad at the same time. I love her character a lot and her stories are heart-wrenching. The other good supporting actor is Kiersten Warren Nora Huntington as the manipulative bitch who wants the best for her daughter. Her exit in the TV series is extremely sad.

The ending is great. It is good that Edie is becoming more and more real. I am very much interested to find out what is going to happen to her in the next season although I doubt if it would be a lot. This will be the season where they had the writers' strike.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now Showing (movie)

(Third movie I saw at the Bangkok International Film Festival)

There are so many Filipino independent movies out there that are running extra long. Some are 9 hours and "Now Showing" is 5 hours.

I do not understand why this movie has to be that long. Why would a film maker challenge his audience's bladder and stomach acid just to watch his movie? Why would one torture his/her audience?

I think it is being elitist because the film maker knows that a conventional movie goer won't watch a 5-hour movie that is not well-publicised. So why limit the people who are going to watch it?

Is it laziness on his part to edit his work?

The performances are amazing and the theme is fresh but is it really worth the possibility of getting sick by the time the movie ends?

My answer is NO.

Serbis (movie)

(Serbis is the second movie I watched in Bangkok International Film Festival 2008)

This is the most graphic Filipino movie I have ever seen in my life. And this is the most graphic film I have ever seen on the big screen. Unfortunately, I cannot see any reason why the film has to be this graphic. It reminds me of the Filipino "pene" movies (short for penetration) in the 70s. It shows erect dicks, vaginas, boobs, blowjobs and yes, closeups of all those things I mentioned.

I thought I was unshockable but I was shocked in this movie. I am used to seeing erect dicks on my computer but not on the big screen. Thai censorship is much much stricter than Filipino censorship and I was really surprised that it was given a go-signal here.

The only reason why I think those scenes are there is to create controversy and make people watch the film or buy the DVD.

Gina Pareno is superb as always but she cannot save this movie. It is very shameful.

FYI: I admit that I have been to a few movie theaters like this one when I was much younger. They are as despicable as the one in the movie.

Years When I Was A Child Outside (movie)

Bangkok International Film Festival 2008 is showcasing 6 Filipino movies and "Years When I Was A Child Outside" is the first one that I watched.

Like most independent movies, I was able to see some familiar faces--people in my university's performing arts circles. I also saw my mentor's name, Vim Nadera. I won't say anything anymore about my frustrations.

Back to the film, this one is theme-based so people should not expect a plot nor a definite character development. Some of the audio were recorded live and some are done in a studio. Some of the audio are inaudible and I have to thank the subtitles to help me out--that is not good.

Anyway, the film maker was gracious and very sincere in answering the questions given by moi and other people in the audience. Of course, most of the non-Filipinos do not know the political and historical references in the movie.

This is not a movie that should be shown commercially. It is really an art for art's sake movie and should be shown to the director's own circle of film makers.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ever-Changing Look of My Blog

Last March, I had my heart broken and I did not mention anything about it on my blog. And I still will not mention the details of that experience. I just want to share something that came out of it.

On our second date in December, the man gave me violet-coloured orchids and I found the gesture very sweet. I put the flowers underneath the glass top of my dresser. The stems, the leaves and the blossoms dried out but they retained most of their colors.

Months have passed and yet the gift still bears a lot of emotions and I was very afraid to let go of it eventhough I do not feel the same anymore for the person who gave it. I have to move out of my apartment and I could not bring the flowers with me.

This is why I decided to take pictures of it and it inspired the new look of my website. I know I still do not have a fixed idea of what this blog will be about but I believe I am getting there.

Maybe, my blog reflects what I am right now and it will change as often as I change. And I hope that is for the better.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Japanese Bitch In My Apartment Building

Every night, I come home and see a Japanese women in her 50s leafing through newspapers and of course, oftentimes, I would see her reading Japanese newspapers. But that is not all: she also reads English language papers. At first, I thought I was going to demand a Tagalog-language newspaper until I noticed that she also reads Thai newspapers.

The fucking bitch is at least a trilingual!

Of course, this reaction has more to do with me than with her. I really never lifted a finger studying the language of my adoptive country. I could not even order in Thai. I could not even count in Thai.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

10 Top Shabu Shabu Buffet Tips

All my friends know that I am the expert when it comes to fine dining and I define "fine dining" as leaving the restaurant with a stomach full of food that will last you for two days. I am a huge fan of Shabu shabu, a setup in a restaurant wherein food are put on conveyor belts to be consumed by generally couples who want to date but they do not share a common language (quite common in Bangkok). And this is where they have an excuse to shut their traps for 75 minutes.

1. Be prepared. Make sure you have enough money for the meal and a cab ride home. You might not be able to fit in the driver's seat. You might also be too stuffed to walk to the train station or bus stop. Tip the cab driver if he has to carry you to your doorstep.

2. Eliminate the competition. Do not invite a date or even a friend. If you are seated beside a person you know, you might feel hesitant in grabbing the food that is already in his hands. Be guilt-free: go to the restaurant alone.

3. Feel the fire in your stomach. Skip breakfast. Or better yet--make sure you have not eaten for at least 12 hours so you can make up for the food that you were craving for. Nothing beats an stomach full of acid. It will also ensure that the food you are going to put in there will be digested easily.

4. Timing is everything. Do not go there during the lunch hour and definitely avoid it during dinner time. Best time to go there is from 2 PM to 4 PM.

5. Dress appropriately. Wear pants that have elastic waistlines and a shirt that is two sizes bigger. These will ensure you have room for everything.

6. Location location location. Survey the scene and find out where the kitchen is. Position yourself on the side where the food comes out so that you would have the first pick of everything.

7. Don't settle for second best. Stay away from the rice because you can get rice from 7/11. Don't even think of getting the veggies because you can grow them in a pot. Pick only the fish, beef, chicken and pork. Money is more important than your cholesterol level.

8. Don’t flush your money down the drain. Do not drink water or any liquids unless you are choking but then you can ask an attendant for a Heimlich maneuver. Liquids are there to make you feel full so avoid them at all costs.

9. Keep your eye on the goal. Do not talk to your seatmate because it is very probable that the restaurant has hired him to keep you from eating their food. Stay focused and keep your mouth full.

10. No pain no gain. Do not leave your seat until your time is up (in some restaurants, it is 75 minutes). During the last five minutes, stuff as much as you can in your mouth. Again, make sure that these are meat items. If you are a sushi fan then probably you can also stuff in any raw meat in your mouth. Then rush to the cashier and pay for your meal. Remember: do not purge!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Desperate Housewives Season 2 (TV)

I am starting not just to like this TV series but to love it. The stories are heartfelt but not cheesey. They made me learn something without being preachy. I found myself shedding a tear in some of the scenes and that no TV series has done that to me.

The characters are evolving meticulously. I am sure some of you may find it surprising but I find Susan Meyer's character very despicable. She is as ruthless as Edie Britt but the former hides behind a sweet innocent-looking face. At least, Edie is honest--she is just a bitch. Bree's relationship with her children are very touching. Most of my tears for this season are for her. Alfre Woodard has a very commanding presence in the small screen. Eventhough Betty Applewhite role is not that interesting, she made it real and relatable.

Peter and I have been discussing about the writers and I do not think they are all gay. I am sure some of them are mothers because I cannot imagine gay men knowing about the pressures and stresses of motherhood. Those women's concerns are too alien to me and it is nice to learn about them.

I wonder if there are more gay men in the next season.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Desperate Housewives Season 1 (TV)

I have already watched this season in the Philippines and I still find the program very funny and clever. The characters may be colourful and stereotypical but the theme is actually extremely dark and morbid. The combination is not forced though. It makes me wonder: are people really happy with their lives?

The clothes and makeup are great although not as flamboyant as the single women in Sex and the City. Many of the characters use tailored clothes and I do not think the look will get old easily.

The actors are very funny and talented. Marcia Cross as Bree may be over-the-top sometimes but I can imagine such a person existing. She is a conservative Republican--someone I hate in the real world but she is also someone I can relate to. I want everything in my life to be perfect and I do not want to settle for second best. Cody Kasch as Zach Young has a tremendous task of portraying a possibly psychopathic teenager.

The writers are ridiculously good. The lines seem effortless but of course, they are calculated. I wonder if there is any effect on this TV series during the writers' strike.

Short 12: 12th Thai Short Film & Video Festival

It is strange that two Filipino movies featured in this film festival use two colonial languages: Spanish and English. But then it was deliberate as both movies present bitterness towards the colonizers.

The first one "A Short Film About the Indio Nacional" was a project from my Alma Mater (University of the Philippines) and it narrates the experiences of Indios in the hands of a culture, religion and circumstances that are not really theirs. It is sad in some parts and hilarious in others. The ending and some of the moments near the end present blood-curdling anger.

The second movie "Bontoc Eulogy" was made by a Filipino-American who is trying to re-construct the history of his Ifugao grandfather. The latter was sent to the US to participate in an exhibit showing native lives in other countries. Their traditions and culture were not respected by the Americans so there were incidents of violence. This movie has touched me because I am an expat myself and in living far from my country, I am learning more about it.

I have seen some of the entries and they are really bad so I am proud that the entries from the Philippines are really good.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

My First Pole-Dancing Class

I have been working out in gyms for about ten years now and I am bored with it. I just cannot quit and forget it because I do not want to acquire my mother's diabetes nor my father's heart problems. But something spiced up my gym work outs and that is pole-dancing.

I have been waiting for this class for several weeks and finally, it matched my schedule. I went there a lot earlier than I would allot any other class and I was welcomed by smiling instructors (most of which are male homosexuals for obvious reasons).

There were around 8 students and two are men (including myself) but the other guy was too distracting. He was too handsome--he should have been barred from attending the class. I could not spin the way I am supposed to because his gyrations are too distracting.

Anyway, I did not think it would be very strenuous. I thought my shoulders would get dislocated because we had to carry our own weight lots of times. I am sure tomorrow my arms will be as stiff as the pole I was dancing with.

Pole-dancing does not feel sexy for the dancer but I am sure it does for the spectator. I hope this will help me get laid. Hmm...where can I get my pole? Hmmm...I can practice while I am riding the Skytrain!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Applying for a Thailand Police Clearance

I found the information on where and how to get the clearance from the Royal Thai police online. It looks simple and easy and I thought there will be some problems when I get there but it was a lot more than I expected.

I was impressed beyond belief. I found the huge compound easily because it is near my office (a commercial area). Most of the Thai police at the gate do not speak good English and yet they tried their best to give me directions. And they did it with a smile.

I found the office and it was really comfortable inside. It was air-conditioned and they had rows of clean desks with smiling employees. They asked sensitive questions in a professional but friendly way. Then they took my picture. And they did everything with a smile.

Most of all, everything is free! Beat that Philippine National Bureau of Investigation!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Google Chrome

This is my first tech review. I am doing it because I was wowed the first time I used it and it is only the beta version.

I heard about Google Chrome on CNN and was surprised that my favorite email, my favorite search engine, and my favorite blog will also be my favorite browser.

First of all, I am amazed at how fast it loads. It is even faster than Opera and Firefox (both installed on my computer). But it slows down a bit when I add several tabs. But that is a given already.

Second, it is easy to migrate from FF to Chrome. It actually lets you import your bookmarks, usernames and passwords while you are installing it. It is very probable that it will enable users to import from other browsers as well.

Thirdly, it looks very simple and easy to use. The title bar is automatically a search bar. Frequently visited websites are available as soon as you open the program or a new tab. You can also customize the look of the browser.

There are still some compatiblity issues but I am sure most will be solved by the time Google launches this fantastic browser.

You can learn more about this nifty program here:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lost Season 4 (TV series)

This season has 13 episodes only and I am not surprised. They are hyperextending the idea already and they are at a risk of boring their audience. I am sure they have thought of giving Vincent the dog some flashbacks or back stories as well.

I have a feeling that they changed some of their writers because the style has changed a bit. They also have flash forwards aside from flashbacks. (Edit: I just found out that the production suffered from the last writers' strike in Hollywood.)

There is one thing that I have noticed in this series for a very long time is their use of gun (rifles and hand guns) butts to knock other people out. They have used this to women, men, young and old. I am surprised they have not used this technique on children (especially the baby Erin) and on Vincent the dog.

They have a few fancy fight scenes. Sometimes, it makes me feel like I am watching a judo match.

Matthew Fox is actually becoming better in this series. Or maybe in real life, he is just a tortured soul. I have noticed that he has been going to the gym and spending time having his body waxed. In the first season, he was hairy and somehow on the island, a professional made him baby-smooth.

The final season will be aired early next year.