Friday, September 12, 2008

Short 12: 12th Thai Short Film & Video Festival

It is strange that two Filipino movies featured in this film festival use two colonial languages: Spanish and English. But then it was deliberate as both movies present bitterness towards the colonizers.

The first one "A Short Film About the Indio Nacional" was a project from my Alma Mater (University of the Philippines) and it narrates the experiences of Indios in the hands of a culture, religion and circumstances that are not really theirs. It is sad in some parts and hilarious in others. The ending and some of the moments near the end present blood-curdling anger.

The second movie "Bontoc Eulogy" was made by a Filipino-American who is trying to re-construct the history of his Ifugao grandfather. The latter was sent to the US to participate in an exhibit showing native lives in other countries. Their traditions and culture were not respected by the Americans so there were incidents of violence. This movie has touched me because I am an expat myself and in living far from my country, I am learning more about it.

I have seen some of the entries and they are really bad so I am proud that the entries from the Philippines are really good.

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