Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ever-Changing Look of My Blog

Last March, I had my heart broken and I did not mention anything about it on my blog. And I still will not mention the details of that experience. I just want to share something that came out of it.

On our second date in December, the man gave me violet-coloured orchids and I found the gesture very sweet. I put the flowers underneath the glass top of my dresser. The stems, the leaves and the blossoms dried out but they retained most of their colors.

Months have passed and yet the gift still bears a lot of emotions and I was very afraid to let go of it eventhough I do not feel the same anymore for the person who gave it. I have to move out of my apartment and I could not bring the flowers with me.

This is why I decided to take pictures of it and it inspired the new look of my website. I know I still do not have a fixed idea of what this blog will be about but I believe I am getting there.

Maybe, my blog reflects what I am right now and it will change as often as I change. And I hope that is for the better.

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