Sunday, September 21, 2008

10 Top Shabu Shabu Buffet Tips

All my friends know that I am the expert when it comes to fine dining and I define "fine dining" as leaving the restaurant with a stomach full of food that will last you for two days. I am a huge fan of Shabu shabu, a setup in a restaurant wherein food are put on conveyor belts to be consumed by generally couples who want to date but they do not share a common language (quite common in Bangkok). And this is where they have an excuse to shut their traps for 75 minutes.

1. Be prepared. Make sure you have enough money for the meal and a cab ride home. You might not be able to fit in the driver's seat. You might also be too stuffed to walk to the train station or bus stop. Tip the cab driver if he has to carry you to your doorstep.

2. Eliminate the competition. Do not invite a date or even a friend. If you are seated beside a person you know, you might feel hesitant in grabbing the food that is already in his hands. Be guilt-free: go to the restaurant alone.

3. Feel the fire in your stomach. Skip breakfast. Or better yet--make sure you have not eaten for at least 12 hours so you can make up for the food that you were craving for. Nothing beats an stomach full of acid. It will also ensure that the food you are going to put in there will be digested easily.

4. Timing is everything. Do not go there during the lunch hour and definitely avoid it during dinner time. Best time to go there is from 2 PM to 4 PM.

5. Dress appropriately. Wear pants that have elastic waistlines and a shirt that is two sizes bigger. These will ensure you have room for everything.

6. Location location location. Survey the scene and find out where the kitchen is. Position yourself on the side where the food comes out so that you would have the first pick of everything.

7. Don't settle for second best. Stay away from the rice because you can get rice from 7/11. Don't even think of getting the veggies because you can grow them in a pot. Pick only the fish, beef, chicken and pork. Money is more important than your cholesterol level.

8. Don’t flush your money down the drain. Do not drink water or any liquids unless you are choking but then you can ask an attendant for a Heimlich maneuver. Liquids are there to make you feel full so avoid them at all costs.

9. Keep your eye on the goal. Do not talk to your seatmate because it is very probable that the restaurant has hired him to keep you from eating their food. Stay focused and keep your mouth full.

10. No pain no gain. Do not leave your seat until your time is up (in some restaurants, it is 75 minutes). During the last five minutes, stuff as much as you can in your mouth. Again, make sure that these are meat items. If you are a sushi fan then probably you can also stuff in any raw meat in your mouth. Then rush to the cashier and pay for your meal. Remember: do not purge!

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white noise said...

hahah! loved the picture! you hit it right on! sa manila merong shabu shabu eat and drink all you can for 500 bucks. puro fatty beef bacon lang at mozarella fishballs lang tinitira ko. ni ayaw ko nga uminom nang tubig eh!