Friday, September 19, 2008

Desperate Housewives Season 2 (TV)

I am starting not just to like this TV series but to love it. The stories are heartfelt but not cheesey. They made me learn something without being preachy. I found myself shedding a tear in some of the scenes and that no TV series has done that to me.

The characters are evolving meticulously. I am sure some of you may find it surprising but I find Susan Meyer's character very despicable. She is as ruthless as Edie Britt but the former hides behind a sweet innocent-looking face. At least, Edie is honest--she is just a bitch. Bree's relationship with her children are very touching. Most of my tears for this season are for her. Alfre Woodard has a very commanding presence in the small screen. Eventhough Betty Applewhite role is not that interesting, she made it real and relatable.

Peter and I have been discussing about the writers and I do not think they are all gay. I am sure some of them are mothers because I cannot imagine gay men knowing about the pressures and stresses of motherhood. Those women's concerns are too alien to me and it is nice to learn about them.

I wonder if there are more gay men in the next season.

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white noise said...

i hate susan myer too!
in order of glamorosaness,i like
bree!!!! (she's gorgeous isn't she?, lyn, eddie, sino ulit si eva longaria? tsaka si susan (eck)