Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lost Season 4 (TV series)

This season has 13 episodes only and I am not surprised. They are hyperextending the idea already and they are at a risk of boring their audience. I am sure they have thought of giving Vincent the dog some flashbacks or back stories as well.

I have a feeling that they changed some of their writers because the style has changed a bit. They also have flash forwards aside from flashbacks. (Edit: I just found out that the production suffered from the last writers' strike in Hollywood.)

There is one thing that I have noticed in this series for a very long time is their use of gun (rifles and hand guns) butts to knock other people out. They have used this to women, men, young and old. I am surprised they have not used this technique on children (especially the baby Erin) and on Vincent the dog.

They have a few fancy fight scenes. Sometimes, it makes me feel like I am watching a judo match.

Matthew Fox is actually becoming better in this series. Or maybe in real life, he is just a tortured soul. I have noticed that he has been going to the gym and spending time having his body waxed. In the first season, he was hairy and somehow on the island, a professional made him baby-smooth.

The final season will be aired early next year.


Anonymous said...

Re your comment about Matthew Fox - "I have noticed that he has been going to the gym and spending time having his body waxed". He was male model before you got into acting (much like Tyra Banks I suppose!). Doesn't every former-model-now-castaway have a beautican on call at their uncharted island? Ginger must have had a beautican in "Gilligan's Island". The question you must ask is whether Mr Fox's beautican is male or female :-)

white noise said...
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white noise said...

it took me a whole season to realize this show was crap. too bad the premise had such good promise (oha, rhyming words!) when this first came out, a lot of people tried to figure out what it was about. i personally liked the purgatory theory the best (these characters had died in the plane crash and now they are in purgatory) now, people are trying to figure out the where the show's writers live so they can beat the crap out of them