Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now Showing (movie)

(Third movie I saw at the Bangkok International Film Festival)

There are so many Filipino independent movies out there that are running extra long. Some are 9 hours and "Now Showing" is 5 hours.

I do not understand why this movie has to be that long. Why would a film maker challenge his audience's bladder and stomach acid just to watch his movie? Why would one torture his/her audience?

I think it is being elitist because the film maker knows that a conventional movie goer won't watch a 5-hour movie that is not well-publicised. So why limit the people who are going to watch it?

Is it laziness on his part to edit his work?

The performances are amazing and the theme is fresh but is it really worth the possibility of getting sick by the time the movie ends?

My answer is NO.

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white noise said...

i think a lot of artists suffer from (can't find the exact word i'm looking for). what do you call that? yung masyado silang natutuwa sa sarili nilang gawa?" i personally don't like it when the artist's ego is almost like a main character in their movies. to expect someone to watch your movie for 5 hours without good (and i mean logical, related to the story) reason is pure egoisim don't you think? sometimes i feel that it's becoming more and more about the artist -how the artist did this, how the artist did that- rather than his work speaking for itself.