Thursday, September 11, 2008

My First Pole-Dancing Class

I have been working out in gyms for about ten years now and I am bored with it. I just cannot quit and forget it because I do not want to acquire my mother's diabetes nor my father's heart problems. But something spiced up my gym work outs and that is pole-dancing.

I have been waiting for this class for several weeks and finally, it matched my schedule. I went there a lot earlier than I would allot any other class and I was welcomed by smiling instructors (most of which are male homosexuals for obvious reasons).

There were around 8 students and two are men (including myself) but the other guy was too distracting. He was too handsome--he should have been barred from attending the class. I could not spin the way I am supposed to because his gyrations are too distracting.

Anyway, I did not think it would be very strenuous. I thought my shoulders would get dislocated because we had to carry our own weight lots of times. I am sure tomorrow my arms will be as stiff as the pole I was dancing with.

Pole-dancing does not feel sexy for the dancer but I am sure it does for the spectator. I hope this will help me get laid. Hmm...where can I get my pole? Hmmm...I can practice while I am riding the Skytrain!

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