Thursday, September 25, 2008

Serbis (movie)

(Serbis is the second movie I watched in Bangkok International Film Festival 2008)

This is the most graphic Filipino movie I have ever seen in my life. And this is the most graphic film I have ever seen on the big screen. Unfortunately, I cannot see any reason why the film has to be this graphic. It reminds me of the Filipino "pene" movies (short for penetration) in the 70s. It shows erect dicks, vaginas, boobs, blowjobs and yes, closeups of all those things I mentioned.

I thought I was unshockable but I was shocked in this movie. I am used to seeing erect dicks on my computer but not on the big screen. Thai censorship is much much stricter than Filipino censorship and I was really surprised that it was given a go-signal here.

The only reason why I think those scenes are there is to create controversy and make people watch the film or buy the DVD.

Gina Pareno is superb as always but she cannot save this movie. It is very shameful.

FYI: I admit that I have been to a few movie theaters like this one when I was much younger. They are as despicable as the one in the movie.

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