Thursday, September 25, 2008

Years When I Was A Child Outside (movie)

Bangkok International Film Festival 2008 is showcasing 6 Filipino movies and "Years When I Was A Child Outside" is the first one that I watched.

Like most independent movies, I was able to see some familiar faces--people in my university's performing arts circles. I also saw my mentor's name, Vim Nadera. I won't say anything anymore about my frustrations.

Back to the film, this one is theme-based so people should not expect a plot nor a definite character development. Some of the audio were recorded live and some are done in a studio. Some of the audio are inaudible and I have to thank the subtitles to help me out--that is not good.

Anyway, the film maker was gracious and very sincere in answering the questions given by moi and other people in the audience. Of course, most of the non-Filipinos do not know the political and historical references in the movie.

This is not a movie that should be shown commercially. It is really an art for art's sake movie and should be shown to the director's own circle of film makers.

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