Sunday, November 26, 2006

Still haunted by the PCV

It has been two weeks since the PCV admitted that he had been lying for the past months to me. I should have moved on, right?

No, I haven't. I am still hoping that most of the time I spent with him is true. It is hard to believe that all that time, he was lying to me. What about the other stories he told? Were they lies as well?
How can one lie for so long and for a long time? How can a person to deceive another and look him in the eye? Is he really that bad?

Perhaps, I just have to move on without knowing those answers. 

Friday, November 24, 2006

Lost: Jorge Sanchez

Jorge Sanchez is my Colombian colleague who disappeared last Saturday (November 24, 2006). He is around 5' 6" in height and weighs about 150 lbs.

He was last seen in his apartment the morning of the 24th in the Thong-lo area of central Bangkok.

I hope you can help us find him. Please drop me a message if you ever have seen this man.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Visiting Rwanda

It was difficult to keep a straight face while watching this movie. Genocide is really hard to understand and perhaps, I never will.

I bought this DVD because it is one of the Mangpong titles that is less than 100 Baht but I bet it will have a lasting effect on me. I know genocide still exists today and we the media do not take notice of them as they do not involve the white people. For CNN or BBC or Reuters or the Associated Press to take notice, there should be a white face on their story.

I know I will visit this continent someday. I know I will be less ignorant soon. I really would like to go to Africa.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Objectifying 007

I would love to torture James Bond myself. That would be very very nice!

I thought I was going to see him half-naked just once but I was surprised to see his naked buffed body countless of times in this movie.

I must say that this is the best Bond film I have ever seen in my life. I admit though that I have not seen all of them. I am too young for that.

This Bond is gritty, dirty and did I say naked???

Seriously, Daniel Craig presents a very convincing young Bond who is also very vulnerable and romantic. I am sure the next Bond movies will be great as well.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

E. T. (20th anniversary edition)

I have never seen the original movie in its entirety. I know this is a bit unusual especially coming from a Filipino of my generation.

It is an entertaining movie and that is mostly because of the talented child actors. Drew Barrymore as Gertie really stood out. This makes me want to grab a copy of "Firestarter".

The 2-disc DVD set has loads of documentaries both about the original movie and the 20th anniversary edition. It is nice to see all the characters all grown up and wrinkled but some of them are praising the movie too much. It just makes me wonder Dee Wallace-Stone was overpaid for this interview.

The CGI E. T. is not really flawless because it looks a lot livelier than the puppets. Spielberg should have replaced all of the puppets instead to make a seamless presentation of the creature. Spielberg should have learned something from Gollum.

Missing Colleague

One of my colleagues is missing and we do not know where he is. He is also an expat like most of the English teachers here in Bangkok. I am very worried about him. I hope he is OK.

This reminds me of one of my fears in living overseas. What if something bad happens to me, will anyone know? What if I fall ill and I cannot even stand up to buy medicines, who will I call?
Rotem (an Israeli friend) and I are going to exchange information that will be used if such events arise. I hope we will not be able to use these but we do not want to be alone when such things happen.

Jorge, I hope you are alright.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I am "Pinoy Abroad"

For several months, I watched a Filipino magazine show called "Pinoy Abroad". As the name implies, it is all about Filipino expats. It tells stories about Filipinos who are succeeding and failing in their plight to make it overseas.

I knew I was going to be one of these Pinoys abroad. But then, my story is a little different. I am not surrounded by Filipinos. I am not able to speak Tagalog everyday. I do not get a chance to see Filipino programs. I am literally a lonely Pinoy abroad.

But then as weeks and months pass by, I learn to love my country more and more. I love how we smile and crack jokes amidst adversities. I love how sour sinigang can be. I love how my family have dinner together as we watch TV Patrol (a primetime news program).

I am not coming home yet. I am waiting for something to happen first.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Little Africa in Bangkok

I found Little Africa in Pratunam yesterday with my friends. It was very interesting to see salons, boutiques, cafes and restaurants catering to Africans.

As a Filipino, I know very little about this continent. We are never educated of the history and the culture of people from this ancient land.

I am aware that many Thais do not like black people that much. I know that people with dark skin are considered bad and scarey. I do not know why. It is very sad. Actually, I have never seen or met any teacher here of African descent.

I will probably visit this place again alone.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lessons learned from the PCV

Mister PCV just told me that he is not as good as I thought he was. He is a liar and a deceiver and a monster. I really regret getting to know him. I should have gone home that night I met him the first time. It was raining and that should have been a sign that I should not have showed up.

Mister PCV taught me how to distrust him but he has not taught me to distrust people. I am sure there are still some good people out there. I am sure there are still honest people.

I have lost one thing though and that is a friend. But then maybe I never had that friendship.

I am very upset but this will pass and I will be able to crack a joke again.