Sunday, November 19, 2006

E. T. (20th anniversary edition)

I have never seen the original movie in its entirety. I know this is a bit unusual especially coming from a Filipino of my generation.

It is an entertaining movie and that is mostly because of the talented child actors. Drew Barrymore as Gertie really stood out. This makes me want to grab a copy of "Firestarter".

The 2-disc DVD set has loads of documentaries both about the original movie and the 20th anniversary edition. It is nice to see all the characters all grown up and wrinkled but some of them are praising the movie too much. It just makes me wonder Dee Wallace-Stone was overpaid for this interview.

The CGI E. T. is not really flawless because it looks a lot livelier than the puppets. Spielberg should have replaced all of the puppets instead to make a seamless presentation of the creature. Spielberg should have learned something from Gollum.

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