Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lost Season 3 (TV series)

Why do people waste their time watching silly TV series like this one? Why am I watching this story of how a group of plane crash survivors endlessly look for a way to get off a weird island? Why am I even writing about this?

I believe that once in a while, it is OK to just have fun and chill out. I do not need an intellectual stimulation every hour of the day. Sometimes, it is healthy just not to think.

So I will go back writing about this TV series. The third season of Lost is again spent on finding ways to get off the island amidst people and things who want them to stay in the island. I feel that the flashbacks used are already fillers. They do not fit in anything anymore.

Are there memorable performances in this season? None really. The character of Michael Emerson (Benjamin aka Henry Gale) is becoming bland. There are no more twists and turns in his decisions. He is just one mad leader trying to control a brainless herd.

Production-wise, it is still not impressive. There is one episode that was supposedly shot in Phuket and I cannot tell the authenticity of the setting because I have not been there. But the Thais in that episode definitely have an American twang in their speaking.

Shlosh! Shlosh! My brain has turned into a goo.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lost Season 2 (TV series)

I love pork scratchings and fried pig intestines not because they are good for me. I eat them because they are delicious. In fact, they are actually bad for me and I could feel my cholesterol shoot up everytime I have one.

This TV series is like that: it entertains me but I could feel my brain cells melting away. I probably won't stop watching it.

Lost has some good elements though. One of which is the high production value and scheduling. I am just amazed by the number of the cast and how they are able to schedule all of them in different scenes. Some of the scenes are obviously shot in a sound stage and others are on location.

I love Michael Emerson as the mysterious Henry Gale. I could not keep my eyes off him because he is just so commanding. He is both scary and sympathetic. Too bad many of the main actors are not really very good.

Off to the third season!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Me love you long time!

I have always been mistaken as a prostitute here in Bangkok and this one of the reasons why I really want to move out of here. I know myself and I know I should not feel bothered but when it happens everytime I go out, it gets to me.

I visited DJ almost everyday of his stay here in Bangkok. I am OK if the reception asks me for my ID but last time, it really went too far.

There was another guest at the reception. I already handed in my ID and the female staff of the Regency Hotel (near Phrom Pong station of the BTS) asked me the most horrible question:

"Long time or short time?"

I wanted to sink my fingers in her eye sockets but I calmed myself down and replied "We are going down immediately."

I should have said "Short time--I have another appointment in three hours!"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My BF wins gold in Beijing

Oh yes, my current boyfriend, Matthew Mitcham, wins gold in the 10 meter platform dive. If you have been living under a gargantuan rock, he is the young Aussie Olympian who outed himself before he flew for Beijing.

I wonder if he is ready to bear my kids after the competition. We are going to have very beautiful mongrels.

I love you, Matt!

Friday, August 22, 2008

See you in Australia, DJ

I am not really sad that DJ is now at the airport waiting for his flight to Korea. We have had a lot of fun exchanging stories the past few days. It is like having an extended all-girls party but we have penises.

DJ, you are a fun guy to be with and I am sure you will find your man soon. I was not able to take a picture of you on this trip so I hope you do not mind this one that I took of you in Manila. We had a lot of fun there as well, right?

I am crossing my fingers that you will come to Adelaide next year. You will love the people, the food and the fantastic beaches. Plus there are tons of Asians there and no money boys!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Return to Oz part 3

The Australian Embassy in Bangkok called me yesterday to tell me that I was granted the visa. I have yet to pick up my passport on Wednesday.

I have booked my ticket already and I am going to leave Bangkok on the 2nd of November. I will be in Australia for about two months.

Thanks to Peter for supplying some of the documents. Thanks to all of my friends in Adelaide who are helping me with this namely Kerry and Chris.

I have never met anyone (apart from my family) who is this excited to see me. And I am also excited to see them.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fight Club (DVD)

Despite the title, "Fight Club" is not the most violent movie that you will ever see. I actually think it is "Schindler's List" but we are not going to talk about that now.

"Fight Club" has more testosterone than any porn flick available. It is not all muscles but pure machismo and posturing. It is very entertaining to watch yet it does not make you feel that you are stupid. The twist in the end is much more interesting than any M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Helena Bonham Carter is fun to watch as Marla Singer although she does not have a perfect American accent. Edward Norton's role is very difficult but we have already seen him in many violent movies. Brad Pitt--well, he will always look good but that is about it. Meatloaf, together with his udders, is a scene-stealer.

The action sequences are of course, bloody. But the CGI scenes will age well in my opinion because they are not really there to impress. They are not there to show the latest digital imagery but they merely show a good storyboarding.

The DVD is not really full of extras although I like the commentary tracks of the main actors and directors. I wish they were together in one recording session though. Better yet, they should be in separate audio tracks.

This is actually a perfect Saturday night movie with some mates and not with a date.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dexter (Season 2)

Please do not ask me how I was able to watch this TV series with my limited budget right now.

Dexter Morgan is still looking for answers surrounding his past. Some of them have been answered but there are some more questions that were also "uncovered". Dexter is becoming a celebrity that is both feared and admired and some new characters want to share some of that.

The visuals are still gory but I am no longer affected by the scenes. I am not sure if the concepts are scientifically correct but that did not deter me from understanding what they are talking about.

The new actors are good especially Lundin (played by Keith Carradine). I must admit he is handsome even if he is really old. His ass is still up there. Jaime Murray as Lila is effectively scary and sometimes, scarier than Dexter. But her surgically enhanced face sometimes bother me. She tries very hard to have variety in her expressions because she had taken too much collagen. She could not even squint. And her lips look like beaks already. They are way too firm.

I can understand why this series has been getting a lot of complaints as the producers decided to show it on broadcast TV. I did end up rooting for a serial killer. Whether or not people are subconsciously affected by it, I really do not know.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wall-E (movie)

Wall-E may not be really intelligent but he is all heart.

This latest film from Pixar takes adults to the time when we are not jaded. It is a time where everything will be OK as long as there is love. Some people may say it is naïveté but I call it purity.

The story is very simple. It is about two beings that are very different from each other. One romanticizes love and finds it and the other one finds it even without looking for it.

The love theme is the most obvious but there are other themes here that viewers can learn from. One of them is commercialism and the effects of it. When it is the most powerful, commercialism will dictate our lives and our future. It will cut us off from each other and prevent us from appreciating the simplest things in life. We only want to have more and more.

I am sure it was a challenge for the animators to portray emotions through steel but it was very successful. The characters (even the smallest ones) are very unforgettable.

I really love Pixar movies. It is only a shame that the Disney name is already attached to it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

30 years of Dexter Mejia's existence

I know, I know. I look 20 years old but I am already 30. What is there to look forward to?

Some people say that you are an adult once you turn 30. You will have a midlife crisis when you turn 40. You will be quite secure of yourself when you turn 50. But what about this 30?

Is it a milestone? One thing is for sure, I feel more secure about myself. I celebrate my strengths and I try to improve my weaknesses. I think I am a better ambassador of myself.

Or is it just a number? Anyway, thanks for all my friends who remembered.

Special thanks to Bob who took this picture with my own camera. I cannot wait to show Australia what he gave me. It guarantees everyone will suck a cock even if it is a straight man.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Contact (Special Edition)

The first time I saw this movie is on TV and I really regretted missing it because it is a moving film. I know it is science fiction but the message is bigger than the genre. It is like a discourse on faith.

I won't spoil the whole story.

Anyway, Jodie is extremely believable in this movie because her character is flawed. Tom Skerritt is also very good and his character extremely flawed but better than Jodie's as a politician. The power struggle between these two characters remind me of a huge dilemma--your ideals getting in the way of your dreams or sacrificing your ideals to reach your dreams.

The movie is 11 years old but the visual and sound effects do not look outdated. I am sure Warner Brothers has already come out with a dignified BD version of this movie.

The extras in this single-disc release is very good. It did not have outtakes but it has a full-length commentaries from Jodie Foster and Robert Zemeckis on different audio tracks.

Damn, when can I afford a BD player and a HDTV

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lancer, 13

Lancer was given to my brother 13 years ago. He was our first dog so my mother was totally against him living with us. I attended to Lancer during his first few years as my brother was too busy working.

Lancer was well-travelled. He had been to our property in Rizal (one hour from Manila) several times. He also went with us on a 7-hour trip to Atimonan, Quezon. He enjoyed swimming with my father in the saltwater there. I know he was extremely happy then.

He also loved our tricycle. He knew how to enjoy the sights while riding it. He barked whenever he saw other dogs because he knew that those bastards wouldn't be able to catch up with him.

There were times we thought we had lost of him. A car ran over him and he survived. He had an ear infection and he survived. He was a small dog and fought with other dogs and he survived. He would sometimes return home from days of fucking bitches in our neighborhood. He always came back home.

Today, he passed away. I am terribly sorry that I was not there. I miss you, Lancer.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Where do I put my DVDs?

I will be gone for two months so it is practical for me to leave my apartment. Problem is I already accumulated a lot of things in two years. Another big problem is I brought all of my DVDs here in Bangkok so I am faced with the huge task for storing them.

It sounds silly but you have to see how big my collection is. It is more than a suitcase! These are not clothes but discs and cardboard so it is really really heavy.

Yesterday, I updated my catalogue and it is more than 220 titles. I am not talking about the number of DVDs because some of the titles can have as many as 4 discs. I am sure this is heavier than I am (on a good day).

What do I do?