Sunday, August 24, 2008

Me love you long time!

I have always been mistaken as a prostitute here in Bangkok and this one of the reasons why I really want to move out of here. I know myself and I know I should not feel bothered but when it happens everytime I go out, it gets to me.

I visited DJ almost everyday of his stay here in Bangkok. I am OK if the reception asks me for my ID but last time, it really went too far.

There was another guest at the reception. I already handed in my ID and the female staff of the Regency Hotel (near Phrom Pong station of the BTS) asked me the most horrible question:

"Long time or short time?"

I wanted to sink my fingers in her eye sockets but I calmed myself down and replied "We are going down immediately."

I should have said "Short time--I have another appointment in three hours!"


Peter said...

You should have long time - one hour only - next appointment in 90 minutes lols

Anonymous said...

How much do you charge Dexter?

Anonymous said...


white noise said...

funny (or not) but the same thing happened to me in our own country. jopen and i were dancing in a club when this old white guy just put arms around my waist. i wanted to give him a flying kick! i just calmy removed his paws and told him "not everyone is for sale in the philippines"