Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Contact (Special Edition)

The first time I saw this movie is on TV and I really regretted missing it because it is a moving film. I know it is science fiction but the message is bigger than the genre. It is like a discourse on faith.

I won't spoil the whole story.

Anyway, Jodie is extremely believable in this movie because her character is flawed. Tom Skerritt is also very good and his character extremely flawed but better than Jodie's as a politician. The power struggle between these two characters remind me of a huge dilemma--your ideals getting in the way of your dreams or sacrificing your ideals to reach your dreams.

The movie is 11 years old but the visual and sound effects do not look outdated. I am sure Warner Brothers has already come out with a dignified BD version of this movie.

The extras in this single-disc release is very good. It did not have outtakes but it has a full-length commentaries from Jodie Foster and Robert Zemeckis on different audio tracks.

Damn, when can I afford a BD player and a HDTV

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