Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wall-E (movie)

Wall-E may not be really intelligent but he is all heart.

This latest film from Pixar takes adults to the time when we are not jaded. It is a time where everything will be OK as long as there is love. Some people may say it is naïveté but I call it purity.

The story is very simple. It is about two beings that are very different from each other. One romanticizes love and finds it and the other one finds it even without looking for it.

The love theme is the most obvious but there are other themes here that viewers can learn from. One of them is commercialism and the effects of it. When it is the most powerful, commercialism will dictate our lives and our future. It will cut us off from each other and prevent us from appreciating the simplest things in life. We only want to have more and more.

I am sure it was a challenge for the animators to portray emotions through steel but it was very successful. The characters (even the smallest ones) are very unforgettable.

I really love Pixar movies. It is only a shame that the Disney name is already attached to it.

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