Monday, August 4, 2008

Lancer, 13

Lancer was given to my brother 13 years ago. He was our first dog so my mother was totally against him living with us. I attended to Lancer during his first few years as my brother was too busy working.

Lancer was well-travelled. He had been to our property in Rizal (one hour from Manila) several times. He also went with us on a 7-hour trip to Atimonan, Quezon. He enjoyed swimming with my father in the saltwater there. I know he was extremely happy then.

He also loved our tricycle. He knew how to enjoy the sights while riding it. He barked whenever he saw other dogs because he knew that those bastards wouldn't be able to catch up with him.

There were times we thought we had lost of him. A car ran over him and he survived. He had an ear infection and he survived. He was a small dog and fought with other dogs and he survived. He would sometimes return home from days of fucking bitches in our neighborhood. He always came back home.

Today, he passed away. I am terribly sorry that I was not there. I miss you, Lancer.

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DMT said...

AWW. I'm sorry to hear about your dog babe. I hope you are doing well.