Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Cost of Life in the Philippines

A few days ago, there was a huge hostage crisis in the Philippines. As a result, 8 foreign nationals are dead and it is still unclear whether they were killed by friendly fire or by the hostage-taker himself. One thing is clear though--the Philippine police force is ill-equipped (tool-wise and tactic-wise) in handling such a crisis.
I am not surprised though that this has happened. People are killed and seriously injured left and right. One of my relatives is a victim of violence as well and after so many years, the criminal is still at large.
If these tourists were Filipino nationals, it wouldn't have received so much attention and coverage because we know it is a reality in the Philippines. Some people hire hitmen. Some people kill with their own hands. People get killed.
Life is cheap.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

32 years old and having Steven

It was my 32nd birthday a few days ago so Steven took me to Murray Bridge to have lunch at the Dundee's Hotel. I know it is too far to drive (almost one hour) for lunch but we have been contemplating on having a seafood buffet ever since we have met. We just had to do it and my birthday was a good excuse.
Steven said that the buffet spread has been downsized since he last visited. They had pork, sea food, beef and lamb. I was ecstatic to eat their perfectly tenderised pork curry and steamed salmon but some items were really awful. The mussels were frozen and the prawns were pretty much average.
After stuffing our faces, we drove to Hahndorf, the first German settlement village in South Australia. The architecture was impressive but some of the small shops were like jewels. We spent a significant amount of time in the leather shop. The items may be expensive but the country ranch feel of the establishment makes it worth the extra dollars. We also went to an African souvenir shop, an aboriginal art dealer and a more conventional art gallery.
I used to dread my birthdays but Steven has been making this day very exciting. He is the best husband in the world!