Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Cokin P Filter System

Photography is about controlling light. For any amateur and professional photographer, filters are a necessity so that they won't have too much light on their sensors (component that is inside a camera) because that will ruin any shot.
For the past few months, I have been slowly gathering the Cokin P filter system from ebay. It is a cheap filter system that enables me to have the same filter for both of my lenses. I just have to screw an adapter on my lens, snap on the holder and just slide a filter or filters in. Voila!
From the left, I have the ND8 graduated filter (P121F) that allows me to capture clouds while taking landscape shots, the CPL filter (third party type as the original one is almost 80 AUD) for taking photos during the daytime without the glare, the filter holder, the ND8 solid filter (P154) for taking wispy shots of clouds and water and the adapter rings (52mm and 58mm).
Some of the landscape photos in the past few previous posts were shot using the P121F. I can't wait to use the P154 and the CPL in Semaphore Beach, which is only a few minutes from our place.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Winter be gone

Winter gets me down. Days are so gloomy that it takes a lot for me to smile. There is very little time to do anything as the sun sets very early. Nights are so cold that I really do not like getting off the couch.

Yesterday, the day went up to 20 degrees Celsius and many people took advantage of it. We saw tons of people walking their animals. There are more people riding their bikes as well.

Steven and I went for a stroll and these are a few of the things that we saw.