Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fishing and found a lizard

I love fishing because it relaxes me and I get to talk with Steven without any distraction. I can also appreciate the beauty of South Australian beaches. But that is it--I only enjoy it when we are doing saltwater fishing. We sometimes get to catch a few fish and that is very rewarding.

It seems rivers do not like us. These selfish brown bodies of water seem to get off on snagging our lines and letting us spend hours not catching anything. We have killed dozens of earthworms and kilograms of good bones and yet they do not seem to be satisfied with the offering.

Last Sunday, Steven and I tried catching yabbies and as expected, we did not get anything. But on the way, we were able to see a dead wombat, a huge flock of pelicans and this feisty lizard.

This creature was crossing the road. After a few beauty shots, we led it to the side of the road.

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