Monday, August 8, 2011

Dexter's 33rd

I am getting spoiled. I have been learning to love my birthdays. Thanks to Steven and one Burundian refugee I met here in Adelaide. The latter told me that I should celebrate it because it is about my birth and my existence. The former just reinforces that I am a person who deserves to be loved.

For the past few months, Steven and I have been slowly buying some camping equipment because we both love the outdoors and being away from the distractions in Adelaide. It is not really that difficult to be away from the Internet, cellular phone coverage and TV. It is a lot more fun just sharing stories and dreams by a faint lamplight.

This year, Steven took me to the Mallee Valley wherein he braved several kilometers of sticky mud and a potential heart attack (the risk of hitting a tree is not for the faint of heart). We pitched our tent right in the middle of nowhere, had some sausages and played cards.

Outside it was raining and the moon was bright. The air was cold and all the animals seemed to have surrendered. All was quiet.
Inside, we were tucked in warm sleeping bags. It is heaven being with this man I love.

And in the morning, I walked around and just felt so grateful of all the things that are in my life. And I also took photos. I hope the photo of the poisoned echidna does not spoil the beautiful experience I have described so far.

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