Thursday, September 13, 2012

Royal Adelaide Show 2012

I really wanted to go to the Royal Adelaide Show but Steven had been (and still is) hesitant to go because it is really expensive. Because of work, I had to go and I really thought of Steven quite a lot while I was in the showgrounds.

I am from a big city so I was really ecstatic to see farm animals. The pigs here are just as smelly as the pigs back in Manila. The cows are gargantuans though--these are almost as big as a car. I am sure I could even hide in one of those udders. I also found some very interesting-looking birds. Some of the pigeons are as big as fully-grown chickens. Some of the chickens are as big as mature geese. Many of the birds have feathers on their legs, making them look like they have two pairs of wings.

And of course, I went to the dog show. I literally spent two hours admiring and patting the dogs and talking to their owners. It was the day for the gigantic dogs so I was not really afraid getting very close to them as they are all very very friendly.


I did not buy anything but I managed to stuff myself with lots of bakery items. I did not really feel guilty because I spent five hours walking non-stop.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birds in Adelaide

It was really warm the past weekend so we could not help but go out and bask in the sun. We took our bikes and rode these from Henley Beach to the city and back. I enjoyed the afternoon that I did not notice that four hours had past.

On the way, we saw so many birds. Many of which were begging for food. Some were scared of my silly noisy camera. Some just put up with me creeping to them.

And here are my subjects:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Night Out with Steven

Steven loves his job and I support him on whatever he does in his career. When I found out that he was doing the Saturday night shift, I got scared. Images of him being physically and verbally abused ran in my mind.

So I decided to join him during the most dangerous hours. Luckily, nothing much happened. He had only a handful of passengers.

I am always prepared when nothing happens. I always have my cameras with me and here are the results: