Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dexter (Season 2)

Please do not ask me how I was able to watch this TV series with my limited budget right now.

Dexter Morgan is still looking for answers surrounding his past. Some of them have been answered but there are some more questions that were also "uncovered". Dexter is becoming a celebrity that is both feared and admired and some new characters want to share some of that.

The visuals are still gory but I am no longer affected by the scenes. I am not sure if the concepts are scientifically correct but that did not deter me from understanding what they are talking about.

The new actors are good especially Lundin (played by Keith Carradine). I must admit he is handsome even if he is really old. His ass is still up there. Jaime Murray as Lila is effectively scary and sometimes, scarier than Dexter. But her surgically enhanced face sometimes bother me. She tries very hard to have variety in her expressions because she had taken too much collagen. She could not even squint. And her lips look like beaks already. They are way too firm.

I can understand why this series has been getting a lot of complaints as the producers decided to show it on broadcast TV. I did end up rooting for a serial killer. Whether or not people are subconsciously affected by it, I really do not know.

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