Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fight Club (DVD)

Despite the title, "Fight Club" is not the most violent movie that you will ever see. I actually think it is "Schindler's List" but we are not going to talk about that now.

"Fight Club" has more testosterone than any porn flick available. It is not all muscles but pure machismo and posturing. It is very entertaining to watch yet it does not make you feel that you are stupid. The twist in the end is much more interesting than any M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Helena Bonham Carter is fun to watch as Marla Singer although she does not have a perfect American accent. Edward Norton's role is very difficult but we have already seen him in many violent movies. Brad Pitt--well, he will always look good but that is about it. Meatloaf, together with his udders, is a scene-stealer.

The action sequences are of course, bloody. But the CGI scenes will age well in my opinion because they are not really there to impress. They are not there to show the latest digital imagery but they merely show a good storyboarding.

The DVD is not really full of extras although I like the commentary tracks of the main actors and directors. I wish they were together in one recording session though. Better yet, they should be in separate audio tracks.

This is actually a perfect Saturday night movie with some mates and not with a date.