Thursday, August 7, 2008

30 years of Dexter Mejia's existence

I know, I know. I look 20 years old but I am already 30. What is there to look forward to?

Some people say that you are an adult once you turn 30. You will have a midlife crisis when you turn 40. You will be quite secure of yourself when you turn 50. But what about this 30?

Is it a milestone? One thing is for sure, I feel more secure about myself. I celebrate my strengths and I try to improve my weaknesses. I think I am a better ambassador of myself.

Or is it just a number? Anyway, thanks for all my friends who remembered.

Special thanks to Bob who took this picture with my own camera. I cannot wait to show Australia what he gave me. It guarantees everyone will suck a cock even if it is a straight man.


Justin said...

oh you're still young, hung and full


DMT said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, DEX!! You still look fabulous!! Wait until 40, that's when it all falls apart! Thankfully I'm only 22 (wink wink) so I have plenty of time to go!!! HAHAHA