Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lost Season 3 (TV series)

Why do people waste their time watching silly TV series like this one? Why am I watching this story of how a group of plane crash survivors endlessly look for a way to get off a weird island? Why am I even writing about this?

I believe that once in a while, it is OK to just have fun and chill out. I do not need an intellectual stimulation every hour of the day. Sometimes, it is healthy just not to think.

So I will go back writing about this TV series. The third season of Lost is again spent on finding ways to get off the island amidst people and things who want them to stay in the island. I feel that the flashbacks used are already fillers. They do not fit in anything anymore.

Are there memorable performances in this season? None really. The character of Michael Emerson (Benjamin aka Henry Gale) is becoming bland. There are no more twists and turns in his decisions. He is just one mad leader trying to control a brainless herd.

Production-wise, it is still not impressive. There is one episode that was supposedly shot in Phuket and I cannot tell the authenticity of the setting because I have not been there. But the Thais in that episode definitely have an American twang in their speaking.

Shlosh! Shlosh! My brain has turned into a goo.


Anonymous said...

you're LOST!

Anonymous said...

You forgot about how can their clothes stay nice and neat, and from them being on that island for so long staying clean.