Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Applying for a Thailand Police Clearance

I found the information on where and how to get the clearance from the Royal Thai police online. It looks simple and easy and I thought there will be some problems when I get there but it was a lot more than I expected.

I was impressed beyond belief. I found the huge compound easily because it is near my office (a commercial area). Most of the Thai police at the gate do not speak good English and yet they tried their best to give me directions. And they did it with a smile.

I found the office and it was really comfortable inside. It was air-conditioned and they had rows of clean desks with smiling employees. They asked sensitive questions in a professional but friendly way. Then they took my picture. And they did everything with a smile.

Most of all, everything is free! Beat that Philippine National Bureau of Investigation!

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Anonymous said...

hello Dexter, i just read your messages. Would it be okay if i will ask u some questions regarding the Thailand police clearance? I need to get a police clearance in Thailand since I lived there for 3 years.But my problem is I'm currently residing in the Philippines. Would it be possible to get one even if im here? It cost a lot to go back in Thailand to get a Police clearance. What are the requirements needed? Im hoping you can help me in my problem by giving me some informations in getting police clearance. Thanks in advance. you can email me at