Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jogging and big birds

Steven and I are trying to lose weight so we will look fabulous when my family see us in December. Marriage has made us too familiar with each other that looking good has already taken a back seat.

We have returned to the water since the days are becoming warmer and warmer. I have complained about the winter for so long and I am very happy that we have more time to do more things. Swimming no longer stings.

We have been jogging as well. Because of the heavy amount of rained we received last season, the parklands are all green and decorated by red, orange and yellow flowers. We are surrounded by perfumed air as the blooms try to attract the insects and the birds.
And speaking of birds, parklands have exploded with them. Magpies are feeding their young. Ducks and black swans are marching with their young ones. Sulphur-crested cockatoos seem to be heckling each other.

I am not sure if these animals are helping me though because I tend to stop jogging and just gawk at them.

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