Thursday, October 14, 2010

15 hours to Canberra part 3

More than 10 hours had past and we still had lots of energy. I think it was the anticipation of exciting things to happen during the week. We had friends to see and tons of places to visit. Most of all, we had to see if Canberra is a liveable city for us.

In Narrandera, we stopped for lunch. We were the only customer in an Asian restaurant so it was really eerie. After having sweet and sour pork and beef in black bean sauce, the Caucasian attendant warned us of racism happening in the area. But what surprised me was it was against non-Aboriginals. She said that the whole town was ruled by them and one didn't stand his ground, the Aboriginals would abuse this person.
Of course, it was only one person's opinion. We did bumped into many Aboriginals but we were just ignored.

And so we arrived at Peter's place a few minutes past 6 PM. I felt really happy to spend so many hours in an enclosed space with Steven. Now I can't wait to go back to Adelaide to spend another 15 hours with him.

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