Friday, June 20, 2008

The Beyonce Experience Live (DVD)

It was a crappy cover but the DVD disc is engraved. It really looked good and when I put in my computer, I discovered that it is a DVD-9.

As a result, the video is intense. You can see Beyonce popping without blurring. This woman is just so flawless. Where did she get her genes? You can also each and every abdominal muscle of her back up dancers.

The design of the costumes are good but some are not so spectacular like the "nude-like" costume with the bits of glass. Her hair is sooo big. I wonder if it weighs more than five kilos. Those extensions are wild!

Some of the dance moves are African-inspired but some are done many times in concerts. I can see Madonna in some of the sequences. But she can move! I wonder where her lungs are.

The music is perfect before you go to a club. The message is positive. The show ends with a slow song but it is perfect.

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