Friday, June 20, 2008

Dexter Season 1 (TV series)

Thanks Joe (Peter Holmes' friend in Canberra) for burning me a copy of this TV series. I hope you like Suriyothai!

Since this is only a DVD-R, I will just make comments on the TV series itself and not the DVD package. I think it is very strange that I, Dexter Mejia, am fascinated by dying while my TV counterpart Dexter Morgan is fascinated by killing.

Michael Hall looks more comfortable as a serial killer than a funeral director. Both of them involve body parts and a lot of blood though. Anyway, I have also noticed that his hairline is dramatically receding. Focus focus focus on acting...Anyway, Jennifer Carpenter as Debra Morgan is actually more powerful on screen than his violent brother. With her big eyes and flawless white face, she looks more like a killer.

The plot is not that forced but the style of story-telling is done many times already. We have already seen movies that make us sympathize with the killer, movies that make us wonder why people do what they do, and movies that make us sick with the gore and blood. The only new thing about this TV series is it makes you look at blood in a less eeky way. It makes blood very logical.

So who can lend me seasons 2 and 3?

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