Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Incredible Hulk (movie)

I am surprised that this movie has a lot of surprises. The cameos exciting for an avid movie goer and I am sure it is more exciting for comic book fans. I do not want to write anything here except that the next movie will be very much interesting.

Liv Tyler can compete with Edward Norton when it comes to weight-lifting because she is so buffed. Nevertheless, she was very touching as a lover who has missed her man for a very long time. Her first sight of Bruce Banner at the restaurant has a very strong sense of longing. Tim Roth looks so menacing. I just wonder if he can actually become a superhero and not a villain.

It seems movie executives have their eyes set on critically-acclaimed actors. I know that Edward Norton is not new to the action genre but I am sure nobody has ever thought of him as a superhero. I have not seen Eric Bana's version but Edward Norton offers a great deal of regret and frustration.

The live action sequences are very effective. The chase scenes shot in Brazil are just amazing. It makes me wonder how they were able to shot in the shanties. In contrast, the CGI action sequences are exciting enough but they are a bit confusing. It is hard to judge the distance and positioning of the key people.

The sound effects are mind-blowing but not overwhelming. The CGI hulk looks very realistic and the sizes of him and the other monster are proportionately consistent.

This movie and "Iron Man" are important movies to watch this year because there will definitely be much bigger movies coming out in a few years.

I wonder though what can happen to Betty (Liv Tyler) when the Hulk fucks her.

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Peter said...

Will Hulk become the super-heroic equivalent of Pushing seems obvious Dr. Bruce is afraid to hop into the sack and do the nasty with her.

Reminds me of the old joke about Superman doing it with Lois Lane