Monday, June 23, 2008

Earth from Above (exhibition)


It is amazing to see dozens of people looking at the pictures of this exhibition. The pieces are laid out back to back with plants to keep the window from toppling them to the ground. And the pairs are arranged in spirals and curves.

I am impressed with the photographer's camera because all of the shots are taken from a moving helicopter. He definitely has very long zoom lens that will also allow him to take clear pictures while moving. The details of the images are just amazing.

But there questions haunting me as I look at the photos. He is advocating the preservation of natural resources and the slowdown of climate change but what about his carbon footprint? He has to ride airplanes to be able to reach all the continents in the world. At the same time, he must have taken dozens of chopper rides to do his work.

I would really like to see if he has planted a whole forest to compensate for the carbon emissions involved in this venture.

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