Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oz 2008: Wars and a Veteran

I have known Peter for a very long time and it was only today that I have seen him cry. We went to the war memorial in Canberra and went inside a place used to remember unnamed men who have died in war. My friend broke down and cried and I have an idea why. He is a Vietnam war veteran and it is the only topic that we cannot talk about.

I saw the young vulnerable man that he was but then he has done so many things for his community. He has not stop being a public servant even when he retired a few years ago. I am really proud of meeting my friend.

We went deeper in the building and I was amazed with the details and size of the place and the things displayed in it. There were uniforms, weapons and dioramas. But my jaw dropped when I saw jeep, tanks, helicopters and even bomber planes on display. They are not replicas but real ones. And to top it off, there were two sound and light shows that mimic the big machines in combat. I had goose bumps while watching these. But all of these highlight that people have died in wars. War is definitely far from beautiful.

Obviously, so much money was spent on this building and yet it is for free. It is even free for tourists. Now I cannot wait to visit an aboriginal museum.

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