Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oz 2008: British Airways (Bangkok to Sydney)

This is the longest flight I have ever been in. At the same time, I have only been flying budget or economy for the past few years. That means my expectations were pretty low.

There was a good number of movies and I guess for ordinary people, it is enough. But for me, it was not. I have seen many of the movies already. There were some radio programs but very few are interesting. I do not know if it was a standard but the quality of the screen is really bad.

Some of the flight attendants can be a bit too intimidating. There was a big man who sounded like he was harassing people everytime he asked us if we wanted a drink. I think anyone sleeping on that flight would have definitely woken up. By the way, some of them can be very old.

Ah the food--I thought I was going to have more. The serving for the dinner was far from adequate. Breakfast was horrible. They only served bread, butter and coffee or tea. I wanted to eat one passenger but none of them was appetizing.

I was able to get drunk though with half a tiny bottle of red wine. It did not help me sleep but it helped me in warming myself up.

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