Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oz 2008: Virgin Blue (CBR-MELB, MELB-ADL, ADL-CBR)

First of all, it was easy booking for this flight. There were a huge number of selection. Some are cheaper and longer. Some are a bit more expensive but shorter. But just the same, the prices are very reasonable.

The flights were generally on time. There was one time it was 5 minutes early. Boarding is done in a hurry though. I wonder how they manage to prepare the seats for the next set of passengers.

The attendants are so gay. Some of them can be swishy. Some of them are a bit butch. But many of them are fit and muscular. It goes to show that some flight attendants do not spend their free time hooking up. Most probably, they spend their free time in the gym and hooking up in the gym.

They are also very friendly and funny. One of them said to me, "I am sorry, dear passengers, we do not serve Hungry Jacks on this flight" and she glared at me while I was munching on my burger. She added, "It is impolite to have Hungry Jacks for yourself and not give any to the staff." I offered her my burger.

She shrieked, "Oh no you already bit on it!"

As the plane positioned itself for take off, I heard from the speakers, "Smoking in the toilets are not allowed and doing so entails a hefty fine and you will be asked to step out of the plane so that you can think of your action."

I love Virgin Blue!

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