Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oz 2008: Qantas (SYD to BKK)

Peter Holmes swore that this is the best airline in the world. Unfortunately, they had some problems with their inflight entertainment during my flight. The controls on the arm rests look very modern and the screen clearer but the passengers had no control over the videos or even the music. It is either you have to watch it then or you have to wait for the movie to finish. It was actually unbearable because people do need their bathroom breaks.

The food is better than British Airways'. Surprisingly, they had lamb although they were just bits and pieces of the animal. It could have been another kind of meat but that is OK. The second meal included pasta so it was really heavy.

The cabin crew members were easy to confuse though. I asked for something to munch on and the staff gave it to me half an hour after. They were not as perky as the Virgin Blue employees but the Thai crew are definitely younger-looking.

But one of the Thai crew members definitely had too much plastic surgery on his face. It was distracting: eyelid job and a nose job. It looks swollen still. Thank god they did not serve sausages on board. Perhaps, that is the reason why they cannot smile that much--possible recovery period from a surgery.

The plane landed smoothly although it was a Boeing 747. I just cannot forget the flight attendant's face.

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