Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oz 2008: the Sydney Mardi Gras

Peter, Bobby and I were walking around the gate of the parade for more than one hour. I was already feeling sad that time because I thought I was going to miss the parade. It was almost impossible to get to our good spot (a shop that is directly above the starting parade) when luck started being on our side. The gates were open and we were able to cross the road where the parade was going to be.

It was a parade of beautiful bodies and huge smiles. I was surprised to see so many government organizations, a few churches and the governor of Sydney on the parade. The usual bikini-clad people were there. There were topless women, their kids, some straight parents. There were people from the Philippines, the US, Thailand, Indonesia and even the Middle East.

I even saw my favorite porn star, Chris Geary, and his Filipino boyfriend. I was screaming and howling. I planned on proposing marriage but I forgot everything. I just went mad!

And mad was the crowd. Everyone (straight man, girls, boys, infants, old people) was gay for a night. They wore wigs, feather boas, wings, heels, etc.

I am also impressed at how much gays and lesbians are integrated into each others' communities. You can see them together in the parade. I even saw many of them in a gay bar. It was a wonderful night and a wonderful city. Everyone was just gay and loving it!

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Anonymous said...

i relly envy ur experience in aussie.......enjoy it to the fullest....kiss