Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oz 2008: Food

The servings here are just too big. No wonder many Aussies are big. Fortunately, I have been losing weight but then it is not entirely good. I am losing muscle tone.

My favorite so far is the kangaroo meat that Peter served. It was a casserole dish. At first, I thought it was beef. It was very tender and tasty. Everyone Peter invited for dinner asked for seconds.

The Australian hamburger is a feast in a packet. It had the burger, bacon, egg, onion, pineapple, beet root, onion, lettuce and tomato--all in one. I felt exhausted eating it that I sprawled on the grass in Mittagong while magpies stared at me. Probably, they were wondering if I would die so that they can eat the pot-bellied me.

I visited Hungry Jacks and McDonald's and I am surprised to see that they are actually a little bit cheaper than (or the same price) in Bangkok. They are not the best food source but they are quick and cheap by Aussie standards.

I used to know Barramundi as a tribe in Survivor: Outback but I was able to try it out as a fish. It is a freshwater fish served with butter sauce. I had it near the Sydney Opera House.

My vacation here is nearly coming to a close and I do not want to go back to Bangkok.

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