Sunday, March 9, 2008

Oz 2008: Crazy in Melbourne

It is hard to come up with something sensible right now. I have lost Andrew Mclean's apartment key. I have been late in some of my LYC appointments. I hope nobody is mad at me. But one thing is for sure, I am enjoying my time with Andrew.

We have been going to lots of gay establishments in Melbourne: The Peel, Sircuit and The Laird. Sircuit's cruising floor is nice. They have OK cubicles and movie rooms. I found The Laird very interesting because they have a lot of real men and not just boys. The Peel is excellent as they have men of all ages and the black go go boy is hot. It was my first time to see a non-Asian go go boy.

The trams here are nice and convenient. The trains are also very helpful in helping me get around the city. The ticketing system is also very easy to understand. Here in Melbourne, I do not have a guide who can tell me in detail what everything is about. I miss Peter.

I am sorry there is no theme right now. There is no one coherent topic. I am just enjoying my time here.


Peter said...

Thanks for the compliment about me being "a guide"

Peter said...


Dexter Mejia said...

I really think you should consider being a guide as a career.